Why You Need to STOP Obsessing Over the Scale


So you wanna LOOK good AND FEEL good…

But if you’re only measuring your progress by the scale you’re doing it wrong ❌

At Coaching with Abby (CWA), we are BIG on biofeedback.

This means we chase HEALTH and let the aesthetics follow (aka: we get you feeling good, which translates to looking good)! In my experience, it’s really tough to out-diet your metabolism. Meaning, if your body is screaming signals to you that it’s simply trying to survive (ie: you feel like garbage, sleep like garbage, and have no energy…) it’ll be tough to see changes in the mirror.

I’m not saying you can’t achieve your body composition goals. But we’re big on supporting someone’s metabolism and biofeedback so you can make changes and maintain them.

Here are some of the best Biofeedback Markers that can supplement the scale (be used in combo with the scale) and how you should be ranking:

  • Energy: You should have good, stable energy thru out the day with minimal highs + lows.
  • Sleep: You should fall asleep well + stay asleep
  • Mood: Stable, no crashes, irritability, etc.
  • Hunger/Cravings: Moderate hunger (not too much not too little), and minimal cravings/hanger.
  • Hormones- menstrual cycle, libido: This generally means you have good energy, libido, and if you are a female that should be getting a menstrual cycle, it’s regular and with no PMS symptoms. PMS symptoms are not normal and means there are underlying issues.
  • Digestion: You are pooping every day and have minimal gas/bloating/heartburn.
  • Performance, Strength, PR’s: If you are seeing gains in the gym you are most likely doing most things right.

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