Here’s to Another Trip Around the Sun


Cheers to a Beautiful New Year!

I hope ya’ll enjoyed your holiday season.

I gotta admit.

I only did a few bodyweight workouts while on vacation. I honestly wasn’t feeling super motivated because we didn’t have access to a gym. And let’s face it, I like to lift heavy weights. I did, however, get a ton of movement and walked an average of 6 miles/day with my mom 🙂 We walked each day from our condo down to a Florida State Park. The “old” Abby would have absolutely felt so guilty about missing workouts. The keep me up at nite with anxiety because I skipped an exercise in my program, let alone an entire workout guilt!! Nowadays I’m at peace with my body and have found balance. It took years of struggling, hormonal disruption, injuries, lots of failure, and stepping away from the very things that pulled me into that unhealthy mentality (competitive sports and unhealthy relationships) to recover. It’s hard work, but worth it for a life of self happiness and love. For anyone else struggling, 2022 is your year!! 

I digress: after traveling back from Florida on Thursday, we rang in the New Year like a couple of 95 year olds. I am pretty sure Jason and I were in our PJ’s by 4pm Friday. Hey, I’m not complaining.

New Year, same garbage diet advice out there. I know the Fit-fluencer space can take center stage and be really crowded with diet pills, detoxes, quick fixes, fitness Challenges, and sexy (weird) workout plans that claim to get you the results you want yesterday. The problem? None of it will actually help you get what you really want: sustainable, long lasting change.

Want to know what will?

Check out my FOUNDATIONAL TIPS (see image below) to lay the ground work. Which items are you already consistently smashing? Cross those off, and focus on 1-2 new habits/week. Don’t add anymore habits until you master the 1-2 you chose. This is how you build a sustainable lifestyle. Is this sexy and enticing? Hell-no! But I want you to be great at the BASICS/FOUNDATION. Kind of like building a house. You can’t do interior decorating until you have a solid house structure. 

I challenge you to NOT buy into the extremes and fads. Instead, spend the time fixing your metabolism, biofeedback (energy, mood, sleep, sex drive, hormones/menstrual cycle, performance in the gym, etc) AND your relationship with food and fitness. If you do this, your appearance will reflect. 

Anyways, give this Podcast I did a few month ago a listen. I covered a TON in this episode, but the underlying themes centered all around support, coaching, and getting back to the basics.

Let’s crush 2022 together! Let me know what you want to accomplish this year. I personally want to get stronger and avoid injuries/sickness. Hit REPLY and let me know what’s on your plate for the year.

PS: Check out your teammates wins below. 

Fuel your dreams! 

Coach Abby
Registered Dietitian Nutrition Coach & Personal Trainer

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