Worried about Turkey Day?


Ya’ll! Can you believe Thanksgiving is in 3 days?!

I wanted to check in… how are you feeling?

If you’re totally stressed about Thanksgiving day, keep reading… I got you.

Let’s chat, what are you nervous about?

  • Consuming too many carbs?
  • Worrying about all of the dessert that is going to be around?
  • Losing all the progress/gains you’ve made in the gym?
  • Or maybe you’re just stressing about spending time with your family/in-laws (although I can’t help you with that one- LOL).

Just remember what Thanksgiving is actually supposed to be about.

Because technically, you are supposed to be enjoying quality time with your family and friends, being present and enjoying all the delicious food that we don’t get to eat everyday! If you’re not there yet… have no fear!

I do want you to think… what would it be like for you to be able to do this?

What would it be worth to you to go to a social gathering (or really every day life) and be fully present without guilt or restriction of foods? To know HOW much fuel you actually need to look good + feel good?

Well guess what… I have something coming THIS WEDNESDAY (wink-wink early Black Friday deals). If you feel like the holidays are stressing you out and fear you’ll lose progress, you’re not going to want to miss this.

In order to take advantage of the Black Friday Holidays Deals, be sure to apply by Monday the 28th. Click below to apply and get a free 1 hour Strategy Call with me to decide if this is the best fit for you to achieve your goals.


As for Thanksgiving, you know that holiday that’s happening in 3 days?

Top Tips for Thanksgiving Day:

#1. EAT BEFORE – DON’T starve yourself all day/”save” calories! Just like dieting doesn’t work, saving calories for a later event also doesn’t work. Your body just plays catch up at Thanksgiving dinner from the calories you deprived it of earlier and either way you would have consumed the same amount. So how about, instead of binging at dinner and getting that uncomfortably full feeling, fuel yourself throughout the day and feel in control at the dinner table too.

#2. TUNE IN – Thanksgiving is all about gratitude, so waking up on the morning of, put pen to paper and write down what you are grateful for. It could be anything from your family and friends to having a bed to sleep in. There is so much to be grateful for, this really helps take the focus away from food and calories, is it really worth your obsession?

#3. ENJOY – This holiday has become so focused on food, which I love, of course, but let’s not forget why we’re here. Enjoy the present, the people you are with and remember the food is all about the experience.

#4. DON’T TRACK YOUR FOOD – This might go without saying… but just in case. Thanksgiving is a holiday/vacation. Sometimes we need a vacation from tracking 😉

Schedule a Discovery Call to discuss your goals + my programs.

Let’s see if you are a good fit!

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