My Birthday Gift to YOU…


Happy July!

I’ve never done anything like this…

My Birthday is in July and I thought- rather than you giving me a gift… I’m going to give you one.

I’m going to be doing 4 FREE Live Trainings over the month to help you better understand why you’re not seeing results and finally ditch the frustration that comes along with not seeing results in your body composition.

Strong girl, at last! You’ll have an answer and direction on how to achieve your fat loss and muscle building goals and achieve your dream physique that reflects all of your hard work at the gym.

Catch all of my FREE Workshops in my FB Community: Weight Lifting, Nutrition, & Lifestyle for Women. Over the month of July I’ll be doing 4 separate trainings that work in tandem and ultimately help you stop feeling confused and overwhelmed with how to get results and finally start seeing progress!

Join me for the first of the series: Optimizing your Hormones thru your Lifestyle.

  • You’ve heard that your hormones could be the reason for your lack of results, in this training I’m going to breakdown whether or not that is the case and if so, how you can shift it.
  • Learn how cortisol might be impacting your belly fat.
  • Access to my step by step method to optimize your hormones to shed fat and achieve the athletic physique you desire.

Walk away with the peace of mind knowing that you can make a few subtle tweaks and accomplish your goals!

A client once told me that I give away too much Free stuff. Honestly when I was struggling with severe chronic over-training and in my deepest, darkest moments of my eating disorder, I wish I had this information and a good Coach. So, if I can serve other women and help them never endure what I went thru, I will happily celebrate another year on God’s country!

Schedule a Discovery Call to discuss your goals + my programs.

Let’s see if you are a good fit!

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