Super Bowl Survival Guide


If you’ve followed me for awhile, you probably know that my Dad and my husband, Jason, are die hard Buffalo Bills fans. I grew up in Rochester, NY (lived there for 26 years before moving to CO) and it’s Bills country there. Fast forward something like a decade + later and I met Jase, a very active member of the Bills Mafia (aka family).

Well, anyone that knows football, knows that the Buffalo Bills lost to the KC Chiefs in the AFC Divisional Playoffs. It’s kinda the same story each year…

But… In honor of the Bills and the upcoming Super Bowl, I’m sharing with you our fave Buffalo Chicken recipe. It’s a GREAT source of protein and can be added to so many combos. We often pair it with some roasted veggies + sweet potato fries OR I’ve used it for tacos, salad, and even as a veggie dip.

Be sure to scroll down for my Super Bowl Survival Tips.
I’ve included some of my fave football snacks and how to set yourself up for the BIG day without derailing your progress in the gym.

Buffalo Chicken Recipe
Recipe adapted by Jason Rae

  • Trim fat off of chicken breast
  • Lightly coat the the crock pot with ghee
  • Toss in chicken, Buffalo Sauce
  • Set pot overnight
  • When cooked, you will gently shred the chicken & lightly season with garlic salt + pepper (we use Kinder’s ‘The Blend’ from Costco) and toss in Buffalo Sauce (We personally prefer Frank’s Red Hot- made in Buffalo, NY).

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