Lifting Weights Saved my Life


Lifting weights saved my life 🖤

This is my story of how I got here…

A decade ago I was dealing with the side effects of over-training, under-fueling and disordered eating. I was running 100 mile mountain races all while doing excessive fasting, following a strict low carb diet, and generally fearing all food.

After 30-something years of running, I walked away being a competitive 100 mile-ultra-marathon runner and picked up my first barbell. At the time, I was struggling with insomnia, depression (grieving the loss of running), weight gain, hormonal issues, a loss of identity, and caught somewhere between restrictive eating and binge eating.

Lifting weights literally saved my life.

I never knew how much I would fall in love with lifting and the weight room. But lifting, and fueling my body to be stronger, improve my PR’s in the gym, focus on the weight on the barbell (vs the weight on the scale), and obsess over my squat/bench/deadlift form (vs my appearance) helped me thru some of my darkest and toughest times.

Lifting weights takes a different kind of strength than running 100 miles.

I’m grateful I got a second chance of being an athlete, and discovering balance + true happiness. It’s what has led me to ya’ll- coaching women how to fuel their bodies to be a badass inside + outside of the gym.

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