Here’s Exactly What to Eat for Results


Can you just tell me what to eat?
It sounds soooo simple. But it’s a bit more complex.

In our 1:1 Coaching we teach our clients what foods to choose more of. We really don’t have certain foods that we restrict. Because it’s really dependent on the client, their preferences, + health history. What we’ve learned is having STRICT rules to follow doesn’t equal long term adherence. And restriction equals deprivation which leads to binging. PLUS there’s that whole thing that each person is so unique and their goals are individual. Therefore, foods that work for one person might not work for another.

📝 Be sure to download for free: Abby’s Grocery Guide for food options.
This will help give you ideas on what foods to eat MORE of. If it’s not on the list, you can still eat it… but chance are, we should be eating LESS of these types of foods (ie: donuts, cookies, chips, etc).

📝 We do provide a general Meal Guide for meal/snack ideas. Be sure to download for free: Abby’s Meal Guide for meal options.

☑️ For Maintenance, we don’t typically give clients a Meal Plan to follow daily because they aren’t sustainable or customized for long term. Seriously. I’ve been doing this for almost 20 years. And having a set Meal Plan isn’t the answer.

☑️ For a Fat Loss Phase, we may utilize a Meal Plan to improve adherence.

SO WHAT ARE THE ANSWERS? Just tell me what to do.

For most clients, we teach them HOW much fuel they need to optimize their results in the gym. We also discuss Meal Timing + Frequency. We customize a target amount for Calories, Protein, Carbohydrates, Fats, Fiber, & Water. Because we find that prioritizing things like Protein + Fiber helps keep clients more satiated and supports things like lean muscle, and improved fat loss.

Flexible Tracking: Someone recently told me that they needed more “Guard Rails” or structure. Having a customized Macro Prescription does just that! Ultimately the client can decide how they want to fill their plate/daily budget. Yes, we emphasize primarily whole, unprocessed foods. But we also advocate an all-foods fit approach.

Want to learn more about our methods at CWA? Be sure to scroll down to apply for a spot in our 1:1 Customized Macro Coaching Program. 

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Grocery guide with Abby's nutrition coaching

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Healthy meal guide with Abby's nutrition coaching

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Healthy meal guide with Abby's nutrition coaching

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