Do you ever feel like you need to get back on the wagon or start over again after the Halloweekend and Daylight Savings? Or even do a “detox” after the crazy year of 2022?

Registered Dietitian Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer here. And I want to remind you that there is no wagon to get back on and no magic solution to reaching your goals. And that it’s ok to sometimes take a step back in order to take jumps forward.

I wanted to go over some tips to support you thru the upcoming holidays and for those incredibly busy people year round. It’ll be January before you know it, so why not practice some consistency (which is always greater than perfection) and see how much better you feel going into the new year.

So how do you be consistent thru the holidays and dark, cold winter days?

Nutrition Tips for Survival this Season:

  • Start the day with a higher protein breakfast.
    • Ex: eggs, chicken sausage, turkey bacon, protein smoothie, leftover turkey/bison burger, greek yogurt, or cottage cheese
  • Aim to eat every 3-4 hours. Don’t allow yourself to get HANGRY (hungry + angry). Being irritable means your blood sugar is not regulated and you will gravitate towards quick sugars and convenience foods. Pack meals or snacks for on the go that include PFF (Protein + Fat + Fiber).
    • Turkey sandwich + Carrots & Cucumbers
    • Hard boiled eggs + Apple
    • Instant Oatmeal + Protein Powder + Justin’s Almond Butter Pack
    • Ham Slices + Cashews + Pepper slices
    • Cottage Cheese + Almonds + Frozen Berries
    • Protein Smoothie + PB + Banana
    • Protein Powder + Water + Nuts + Dried Fruit
    • Protein Bars (Bulletproof Collagen, RX, Perfect Bar)
  • Aim to pre-log meals into Chronometer/MFP ahead of time to serve as a “meal plan” and guide.
  • Log dine out options or potential party dishes ahead of time and make adjustments as you need to. Perhaps you still grab the pizza but only eat 2 slices. Maybe you really want dessert so you decrease the amount of alcohol you consume that evening. Or you choose a salad out but add double protein to increase your satiety.
  • Ask your party host what will be served and offer to bring over something that supports your goals (think: PFF).
  • Be mindful of liquid calories (beer, wine, alcohol, mixed drinks, eggnog, etc) and aim to still meet your water goal.
  • Focus on ways to decrease stress over the season- stay consistent with your workout plan and get quality sleep.
  • Don’t beat yourself up. Learn from your mistakes. Chances are there’s a reason you went wayyyyyy overboard on the mini candy bars or chocolate fudge brownies… And it’s likely a combination of stress + you don’t eat enough calories/protein thru out the day. Work with one of our Nutrition Coaches to help you dial in on your nutritional goals and steps to meet your macros.
  • Download my FREE Grocery + Meal Guides for more ideas:
  • Scroll below for my Zucchini Muffin recipes! I love to add these in for breakfast (paired with some chicken sausage or a protein smoothie).

Reminder for all of my Type A peeps out there:
“All or nothing doesn’t get us all. It usually gets us nothing. Rather implement always something.”

-John Berardi

Chocolate Zucchini Bread Recipe:

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