Crushing 2300 Calories & Improving her Physique


“It’s liberating to embrace myself where I am.”

Badass nutrition coaching client, Cindy, learned how to fuel her body and is making strides inside + outside of the gym 🔥

And honestly, 3 months in… she’s just getting started!

💥 Cindy’s Wins💥
✔️ Eating 500 more calories per day while improving her physique.
✔️ Currently crushing 2300 calories/day!
✔️ Improved strength and recovery in the gym (setting PR’s in all of her lifts).
✔️ Improved metabolism/biofeedback (sleep, energy, managing stress, and digestion).
✔️ Mental transformation- learning to be in control of food + avoid the all or none mentality.

Pretty amazing right… And we haven’t even started a diet/cut yet ✂️

When Cindy started working with me, my first step was to begin a Reverse Diet to…

  • Improve her metabolism and increase how many calories she was consuming.
  • Improve biofeedback (sleep, energy, stress, and digestion were all struggles for her).
  • Increase performance in the gym and possibly build some lean muscle (which helps metabolism + body composition).
  • Set her up for a successful Fat Loss Phase.

💪🏼 Cindy came to me weighing 142 pounds and eating an average of 1800 calories/day + 170g Carbs. Which isn’t a terrible place to be. But to start a calorie deficit below that doesn’t leave much wiggle room to decrease. A standard 20% cut would put her at 1400 calories out of the gate (eek)! With little room to drop her further if she hit a plateau (which let’s face it- everyone will hit a plateau in their journey). Additionally, Cindy’s estimated maintenance calories were ~1900-2200 calories, so I wanted to push the upper limit.

🏋🏻‍♀️ Over the course of about a month, we increased her daily calories to 2300 calories a day + 270g plus of Carbs (UP 500 calories + double the carbs from where she started). She will stick at maintenance for ~3.5 months before going into a Fat Loss Phase. This gives her more flexibility during the summer months. Her current weight is at 145 pounds and her body composition is on FIRE!!

🍲 So she’s up 3 pounds. According to Cindy: “Weight… who gives a sh!t?”
But why the weight gain? There is increased food VOLUME in the gut… And with extra food comes extra sodium, carbs, fiber, and water. All of which can cause the scale to go up. Remember that WEIGHT GAIN doesn’t always correlate to FAT GAIN. And based on Cindy’s progress pics, she likely gained some muscle. Muscle is more dense/compact, making it appear like we lost weight/got leaner.

Did I mention Cindy’s been able to accomplish all of this while enjoying a couple of vacations, date nights with her husband, and family meals with the kids?

A lot of our clients require a Recovery/Reverse Diet first because they’ve been chronically under-eating + over-exercising. We help these women learn how to fuel their bodies to improve their metabolism to successfully lose fat.

Come get strong + fueled like Cindy. Scroll down + Apply for a spot in our Coaching program.

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Let’s see if you are a good fit!

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