Calculators Can’t Add 📱


Calculators can’t add 📱🤯

Just because you can calculate your calories from an online calculator doesn’t mean that’s what your body needs and you should automatically consume this amount ⚠️

Strong Girl… You’re more than a math equation that comprises solely on your age, gender, height, and weight, and estimated activity ➕➖

Calculators can be helpful to give us a baseline estimate of your calorie goals but don’t factor in variables like diet history, how much you’ve been eating, nutrition periodization (aka: seasons of homeostasis/hormone balance, and seasons of dieting), lean muscle mass, stress levels, sleep, digestion, hormones, etc…

So what’s a girl to do 👇🏽

☑️ Use the online calculator to get your *estimated calories.
Check out my Free Guide: Abby’s Guidebook- How to Lose Fat & Gain Muscle to Improve Body Composition. I teach you exactly how to calculate your maintenance calories/reverse diet, cut, or bulk.

☑️ TEST (vs guess) how much you need to maintain weight.
Honestly, this is the #1 mistake I see women make. They assume that the online calculator is the Gospel, and that’s what they need regardless of what their body is telling them, and they never actually *test their true maintenance.

☑️ This requires you to log your foods for generally 1-2 weeks initially to see what you’re actually taking in, and then potentially add or subtract calories to reach your true maintenance.
For example, my estimated Maintenance is ~2200 calories BUT my ACTUAL maintenance is 2600 calories. I was able to continue to increase my total daily calories over 400 calories and MAINTAIN my body weight.


*Didn’t read this or want the Audio version…
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