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Did ya’ll miss my FB Live from Thursday on How to Calculate your Calories for RESULTS?

It was pretty epic. In case you’re having FOMO… or just want to review the info again…

⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ Catch the REPLAY here.

🙋🏻‍♀️ You must be a member in my FB Group (Weight Lifting, Nutrition, & Lifestyle for Women) so be sure to join TODAY (please be sure to answer the membership Q’s to be approved)!

If this Workshop left you asking more questions, wanting more info, or ready to make some changes… You don’t want to miss this special offer I have for ya’ll!

Because ya’ll are on my VIP email list, you are the FIRST people to hear about it!

I’m hosting a Metabolism Masterclass to address the ‘Red Flags’ we discussed in the Workshop!

This class is perfect for those who…

  • Calculated their maintenance calories and suspect they’ve been chronically under-fueling and or over-exercising.
  • Feel they haven’t “earned the right to diet.”
  • Have no idea how to get started.

Learn why not eating enough + busting ass can actually cause a downshift in hormones AND find out how you can create sustainable, lasting, BADASS results.

The Metabolism Masterclass is a comprehensive 75 minute live class. It’s designed to help you understand the red flags of a poor metabolism, and start implementing nutrition/fitness/lifestyle recommendations to rebuild your metabolism, health, and hormones so that you can finally feel good, have your body reflect all your hard work at the gym, and set PR’s!!

You will also have time to ask any of your burning Q’s LIVE!

That’s right! You and a small group of women will have face to face time with Coach Abby in our Private Forum. This is actually my FAVORITE part about this program! We get to meet Face to Face (via Zoom) and you get to ask me (and a group of women) all of your Q’s.

Want to learn how to fuel your body to look good, feel good, and set PR’s inside + outside of the gym (with a side of Carbs)!?

Sign up TODAY for just $35, thru April 2.
Class launches April 3 @ 5pm MST.
*If you can’t make the Live Class, you can catch the Replay in our Private FB Forum. You must have a FB account in order to watch the Class.*

*BONUS* I am adding an additional Live Q&A after the class (participants will vote on the the best time). This is another opportunity to show up, follow up with Q’s, and start taking action.

<All of this for just $35>

That is far less than a month of Starbuck’s coffees or Door Dash. Just saying…

Schedule a Discovery Call to discuss your goals + my programs.

Let’s see if you are a good fit!

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