35 Pounds Down & Eating 1900 Calories a Day!


35 Pounds down.

Elizabeth is a badass inside + outside of the gym!

Seriously. This woman is a breast cancer survivor, incredible mother and wife, and still manages to give it her all in the gym. She is inspiring. She came to use wanting to learn how to balance her diet to improve her body composition without sacrificing too much strength and performance.

Here’s how she lost 35 pounds, eating an average of 1900 calories/day. That’s right… she didn’t starve herself to get the body composition she desired.

Elizabeth came to us in a good position to begin a cut. She was averaging ~2100-2200 cals/day, which is a healthy budget to create a calorie deficit from. Too many times we see active women coming to us only eating 1500-1700 calories and want to lose weight out of the gates. What they don’t understand is that if they are only eating 1500 calories, it really doesn’t allow us too much wiggle room to drop calories without feeling like total garbage, having hormones suffer, and eventually reaching an unsustainable budget.

Here are the other factors that helped Elizabeth see success:

  • Prioritized Strength Training (4-5x/week)
  • Prioritized Protein, Veggies, Carbs, & healthy Fats
  • Tracked foods + macros consistently (*but wasn’t perfect)
  • Took several diet breaks (went on vacation, etc)
  • Cut (aka Calorie Deficit aka Diet): ate ~1900-2000 calories
  • Our goal was to lose fat while eating the most amount of calories possible
    Monitored, adjusted, and improved Biofeedback (sleep, digestion, mood, energy, etc)
  • Elizabeth focused on improving STRENGTH and PERFORMANCE in the gym vs the numbers on the scale!

Although Elizabeth came to us ready to jump into a deficit, a lot of our clients require a recovery/Reverse Diet first because they’ve been chronically under-eating. We help these women learn how to fuel their bodies to improve their metabolism and successfully lose fat.

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