The Secret to Improving your Metabolism


Women in their 30’s and 40’s feel their metabolism is decreasing and it feels impossible to lose fat…

So they further decrease the amount they are eating. Only making it harder to see fat loss.

The secret to improving your metabolism isn’t in a pill 🚫💊

Lifting weights + building muscle + eating enough calories is the key to improving your metabolism.

Not some pill, weight loss drug, or cold plunge ❌

And this is exactly why I teach my clients exactly how much to eat to support their strong muscles in the gym and support a healthy functioning metabolism that is able to see fat loss (yes even in our 30’s and 40’s!) ✨

Let me break it down for you ⬇️

💪🏼 Building and maintaining muscle is expensive.

💪🏼 That means that the more lean tissue you have, the greater amount of calories you need to support your body.

💪🏼 When you’re eating more calories, you generally have more flexibility with your food choices so it’s easier to fit those tacos + margs, have better energy, and stronger workouts (who doesn’t want that)! Which means better gains in the gym.

💪🏼 Once we get your body accustomed to eating more calories you’ll actually see that you’re able to lose fat on a higher amount of calories too! Think: fat loss while still eating 1700+ calories rather than trying to survive on 1200 calories or less.

⭐️ Want to learn how to fuel your body, improve your metabolism, and finally achieve that athletic physique?

Get started with Nourish & Thrive: our 1:1 Customized Macro Coaching Program. We provide our clients with a personalized nutrition plan to support you in building muscle and losing fat. Our coaching program will help you understand how to adjust your nutrition based on seasons of fat loss, muscle building, and metabolic restoration.

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