I know it’s not what you want to hear…


I know it’s not what you want to hear…

Achieving your dream physique is going to be 10 times easier if you realize and accept this one thing. 

But the truth is, if you’re looking for a quick fix (one that doesn’t last) I’m not the coach for you ❌

It takes YEARS. Not 75 days. And definitely not 1 week 😏

Managing your expectations might actually be the reason you’re struggling to keep going because you think you’re failing but it just hasn’t been long enough.

The sooner you stop looking for quick fixes, the sooner you’ll start getting the results you’ve always wanted. Trust me- it’s not about finding the “magic” diet, supplement, pharmaceutical drug, workout video, etc. 💊

It’s not your fault though. Unfortunately we’ve been conditioned to believe that results come after 8-12 weeks because of what you see online: “60 days and 20 pound transformation” & “Want to see your abs? This 12 week program will give you abs in no time.”

The best way to get the body of your dreams? Stop starting and stopping programs and instead start making daily improvements to your lifestyle:

✔️ Lift weights
✔️ Fuel your body with the appropriate amount of calories and protein
✔️ Take recovery days
✔️ Drink enough water

Do this for 6 months to 1 year and repeat year after year 🔁 You’ll probably surprise yourself and get the best results of your life, plus you’ll ditch the overwhelm that is associated with constantly trying to find THE *magic* thing!

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Let’s see if you are a good fit!

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