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I hope ya’ll had a wonderful holiday weekend! Just a few days left in the month, and then December is here!

I am forever grateful for MY CLIENTS! They are the reason I love my career, and why I feel rewarded and fulfilled. Today I wanted to highlight one of my favorite client transformations.

“If I eat more calories + carbs, I’ll definitely gain weight,” said my client.

This transformation is incredible! Keep reading!!

Here is what we accomplished in 6 months:

  • Increased 1,700 calories to what she was eating (for 3,000 calories total!)
  • Increased 200g of carbs (for 350g total)
  • Increased 50g Protein (for 130g total)
  • Increased 60g Fat (for 120g total)

The results:

  • My client feels great, and her energy, sleep, and performance are improving.
  • AND she no longer restricts, craves, or binges because she is finally nourishing her body.
  • Although her focus wasn’t on body composition, she did see a decrease in weight/inflammation.
  • She is down 5 pounds eating 3,000 calories a day!

You don’t have to deprive or restrict yourself. It’s possible to achieve results with adequate food intake. In fact, fueling correctly will likely get you there faster + be more sustainable.


Interested in getting results like my client?

If you are ready and excited to take action, my Nutrition Coaching deal is for you.

  • Invest in 9 months of Coaching & Get 3 Months Free (that’s one full YEAR of coaching!)
  • Invest in 5 months of Coaching & Get 1 Month Free

What you get:

  • Coaching Calls every week/every other week (depending on the accountability that you need) OR Strength Training
  • Ongoing check-in’s and feedback
  • Accountability & support
  • Invitation to private Facebook group
  • Private messaging between calls
  • Macro/Behavior Based Coaching (learn exactly WHAT + HOW MUCH to eat)
  • Basic physical activity guidance or more structured depending on the program we choose
  • All nutrition sessions held virtually

This Coaching discount is valid thru Tuesday November 30th.

Fuel your dreams!
Coach Abby
Registered Dietitian Nutrition Coach & Personal Trainer

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