Up 800 calories + Rockin’ her Clothes


Up 800 calories and rockin’ her clothes!

Most clients that come to us are not ready to truly pursue their goals‼️⚠️

Due to chronic over-dieting/calorie restriction, most clients that sign on with us aren’t in a position to further diet. Sorry ya’ll. If someone is only eating 1500 calories, we aren’t really in a position to further cut calories.

Meet my client, Kelly. She is a foster mom, step mom, and biological mom to 5 kids total!! Her goal is to reduce her body fat/improve body composition. Before working with me she said “My greatest challenge has been evolving from the 1200 calorie mindset in nutrition. It’s clear my nutrition is not adequate to support the results I want to see.”

Kelly was eating only 1500 calories/day prior to working 1:1 with me AND not seeing changes or making improvements in the gym. In fact, she was discouraged with her exercise routines.

The first goal towards improving body composition for Kelly was to determine her maintenance calories and restore homeostasis.

In just 3 months we gradually reversed Kelly’s calories up to 2300 calories a day/ 215g Carbs/ 140g Protein/ 95g Fat. By eating too few calories for too long, Kelly created Metabolic Adaptation and increased her stress load. This is basically when the body becomes more efficient and adapts to less and less calories. It down regulates (slows down) hormones (sex + thyroid), which makes progress even harder.

Kelly and I also worked together to decrease her activity in the gym. She went from working out 6+ days per week and feeling worn down, to 4 workouts/week and setting PR’s (strength gains)!

Her weight remains stable BUT she gained:

🌀 More flexibility/freedom with her nutrition- she is able to go out to social events, travel for work, etc. all without stressing about a strict diet

🌀An extra 800 calories + an extra 100g Carbs!


🌀Lean muscle

🌀Fit into her clothes

🌀Improved relationship with food + fitness

Through coaching, we found Kelly’s maintenance calories. She’s now going to cruise here for the summer before we start a calorie deficit (aka: cut or diet). This gives her an opportunity to continue to improve her metabolism and hormones and gives her more flexibility for summer events.

Calories are kind of like money. The more calories you have, the more flexible you can be in spending. Life is a lot easier when you’re eating > 2,000 calories a day. Take it from Kelly.

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