The Most Interesting Thing About Me is My Sense of Adventure


This past weekend Jase (my husband), Molly (my cute little yellow lab), and I summited Square Top Mountain in Colorado to celebrate Molly’s 4th Birthday. It’s one of our favorite spots because it’s not heavily trafficked and it gets you up HIGH at 13,794.’ So not quite a 14’er BUT just as rewarding.

For me and my coaching team, fitness is not just about being STRONG in the gym. It’s about being STRONG outside of the gym too. For me, this means being strong enough to go for walks and hikes up mountains with my pup. It also means being emotionally + spiritually strong, knowing my self-worth, and showing up and serving others daily.

What a fun but exhausting + hot weekend. Jase got sunburned (OUCH!) and our A/C isn’t working (yet again)… and temps are in the high 90’s in Colorado… it’s HOT!

Alright, stick with me here for the meat of this email 🙂

The least interesting thing about me is my appearance. And the most interesting thing about me is my sense of adventure.

What about you? What’s the most interesting thing about YOU that isn’t connected to your appearance?

While I was out on the mountain this weekend, I realized that I never sent this Podcast out to ya’ll: Why Asking for Help is Easier than Struggling Alone. Give this a listen and let me know what you think. I discuss my story, my successes, why it started with examining my habits and behaviors, and how it led me to greater balance and fulfillment into what I do now. I was pumped and honored to be a guest on this show.

I hope ya’ll can learn from my story. I have made countless mistakes and had many setbacks and failures in my life. But all of my struggles finally forced me to make changes, find balance, and develop a positive relationship with my body, food + fitness.

My mission now is to help others learn how to fuel appropriately and find peace with their body, food + fitness. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing my clients build strength inside + outside of the gym and climb/summit your own mountain (metaphorically or figuratively).

Fuel the body + watch that confidence soar inside + outside of the gym!!

Listen here:

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