REASONS YOU’RE NOT BUILDING MUSCLE… AKA: Why you’re not getting “toned”


Last week I discussed reasons why your diet isn’t working. Here is a quick recap:

Maybe you don’t want to diet but you want to be a lean, mean, + strong machine? AKA: You want to be toned… But you’re stalling or plateaued?

You feel like you’re doing all the right things… lifting the weights, eating “clean,” and tracking macros BUT not seeing results?

One of the biggest offenders I see is people NOT eating enough food. Remember that to GROW muscle/lean mass, you have to eat at maintenance/above maintenance (surplus). Most people think their maintenance calories are a lot lower than they are and are plateauing in the gym and not seeing the changes with their body composition.

Here are some other frequent mistakes I see people make…

You’re not eating enough…

  • You’re not eating enough food.
  • Most people think their maintenance calories are a lot lower than they are.
  • If the scale isn’t changing, you’re not seeing weights go up in the gym/hitting PRs – you prob aren’t eating enough.
  • Increase calories every 2 weeks until the scale starts going up.

Your physiology is off

  • Thyroid, sex hormones, menstrual cycle, gut health aren’t in a good place to support muscle growth.
  • You’re stressed to the MAX! High stress can prevent successful muscle gain.
  • You aren’t getting quality/quantity of sleep. Poor sleep doesn’t promote recovery/muscle growth.

You’re doing too much/wrong activity

  • You’re doing too much cardio.
  • You’re getting too many steps.
  • You’re not lifting heavy enough.
  • Follow a progressive overload program.
  • Get 7-8k steps.
  • HIIT, tons of run/bike, CrossFit, etc. aren’t conducive to building muscle.

We want to help you gain muscle/ get “toned” AND feel good.

In our 1:1 coaching programs we help clients personalize what + how much to eat for their goals. We also address any underlying issues that might impact results (stress, sleep, thyroid, blood sugars, sex hormones, etc).

Want a customized nutrition plan to help you look good, get stronger, + set PR’s?

Get started with a FREE Discovery Call to see if you would be a good fit for our team.

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