No Tricks, Just Treats!


🎃 “I’ll just start over after Halloween.”
🍬 “I feel so guilty after eating Halloween candy.”
👻  “I need to work out extra to burn off the treats I ate this weekend.”

Ya’ll know someone that views Tuesday (post Halloween) as a means of “starting over” or “resetting.” Or maybe you are one of those people that thinks that you have to start your diet over again because you had too many trick or treats this past weekend.

This mentality creates such an unhealthy cycle 🔄 of food restriction/deprivation ➡️ over-eating/binging ➡️ guilt/shame ➡️ punishment at the gym ➡️ REPEAT 🔄

Coaching with Abby (CWA) teaches active people how to fuel their bodies in combination with a ‘Goldilocks’ approach to fitness (not too much, not too little, just right). CWA believes in an all foods fit approach, so you never have to start over or eliminate foods. You can’t cheat or fail, because it’s a LIFE-style not a short term diet.

It’s important that I practice what I preach. If I would NEVER give up my non-negotiable foods (chocolate), why would I ever ask you to do this? What I have learned personally + professionally is this: when you stop depriving yourself of certain foods/food groups and actually integrate your favorite foods, you no longer feel restricted and or have episodes of over-eating/binging (which often leads to more restriction, guilt, and shame). It’s a really freeing feeling and creates a lot of flexibility.

So what do you do if you over-did it this weekend (or today… or any other day)?

  • Learn from your experiences and move on.
  • Compliance starts today.
  • Don’t restrict calories or abuse exercise.
  • Eat + track your food intake to make sure you’re getting adequate fuel.
  • If you under-eat or restrict, the chances of you binging later on are much higher.
  • In the future, allow yourself to have the treat more regularly without any feelings of guilt.
  • Don’t forget: Most active adults need greater than 2,000 calories. If you’re consistently eating in a deficit/below what you need, you’re at higher risk for cravings and hunger.

I promise: You do have control.

Now let’s crush this week together!

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