I’ll Just Start Over on Monday…


“I fell off the wagon. I’ll just start over on Monday.”

First of all: what the heck is a wagon?

A client recently told me she fell off the wagon. I asked her why we need to call it a wagon?

My husband and I had visitors in town for a long weekend, so I didn’t follow my normal routine. I missed a couple workouts, and we ate out for several meals. BUT… I made the best choices I could with what was available. And I enjoyed some indulgences. I certainly wasn’t close to perfect. But I also don’t claim to be perfect.

So I asked my client: Did I fall off the wagon too? She quickly said no. And that left me wondering why she thought she fell off because she went to a BBQ and had an extra cookie.

Whether you’re beating yourself up for what you ate this weekend, feeling anxious about having to ‘start over’ by eating ‘clean’ tomorrow, you’re just feeling ‘gross,’ or you feel the need to over-exercise to make up for your eating… I see you and feel you.

I’ve been in your shoes so I wanted to pop in this Monday and give you some tips so that instead of spending your Monday with stress, dread and frustration, you can enjoy your Monday… without a side of guilt!


  • Keep your normal routine (or re-start if you got off track on the weekend): wake/sleep, gym, meal times, etc… Sticking to a normal schedule will help your circadian rhythm, mood, energy, etc.
  • Track your macros and be sure to consume ENOUGH food. Don’t restrict your calories or carbs because you over-ate on the weekend! This gets people into trouble and causes a vicious cycle of restriction and deprivation, which can lead to over-eating/bingeing.
  • Stick to your regularly planned training program. Don’t punish yourself or do more exercise because you over-ate this weekend.

Easy peasy! And because I ate a bit more calories/carbs than usual, my workouts are going to be DYNAMITE this week. My body will love and appreciate the extra rest and nourishment from the weekend.

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