Jase, Molly, and I had an EPIC Birthday Adventure Week! I turned 40, and a new decade calls for a BIG celebration! I know. Most women celebrate with a spa day, a nite out, fancy drinks (probably one too many), or a new wardrobe. Not this girl 😉

Jase and my birthday are 4 days apart, so every year we plan a fun backpacking/hiking trip. And this year was apparently the year of Alpine Lakes and waterfalls. I can’t complain. I am still in total awe of the hikes and sites we saw 💙

Fun Facts from our Trip:

✔️ Molly, Jase, and I logged over 30 miles in 4 days.

✔️ We climbed almost 9k feet over 4 days.

✔️ We explored Silverton, Ouray, Ridgeway, & Telluride, Colorado.

✔️ We camped in our tent half the time and stayed at over priced hotels the other half.

✔️ Molly swam in 6 Alpine Lakes! I swam in 2 🥶

✔️ We hiked to Colorado’s tallest free-falling waterfall: Bridal Veil Falls

✔️ We didn’t summit any 14’ers this trip… but we will be back!

✔️ I would be happy to never have beef jerky or bars again.

Our trip was both wild and soothing, and an incredible way to kick off this new decade with my faves ❤️ But I’m happy to be back in town, enjoying some birthday cake with my Bearded Babe, and getting back into my routine. This means getting back to lifting some weights- HECK YES!

New YEAR for me… NEW ideas… I have some really exciting things in the pipeline for this group!!


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🌀 How we teach our clients to properly fuel themselves for getting strong + lean
🌀 What you need to get in line before starting a diet
🌀 The foundations you should focus on to start your health journey

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